You might not guess it from the lack of class posts, but I have nearly finished Jane Davenport’s eclass, Express Yourself.  I am currently working on Lesson 9, a laughing face. It has been a blast!  Today’s post is my 2 page spread from Week 5, Growing Up.

I followed Jane’s instructions and traced the young version. I tried several expressions, including the images below.  But when it came time to make the pages, I used different expressions.  I did not get a match on the facial features, but feel she looks close enough to get the idea.

Growing up, alternate expressions
Growing up, alternate expressions

The small picture in the lower right of the second photo is the young version, although I admit it wasn’t easy to make her as young as Jane’s gal.  I’d call the effort moderately successful, but as with all things, practice, right? Since her older selves turn out, shall we say, grumpy, I chose some lyrics from The Clash song, “Train in Vain.” Catchy little tune that regularly gets stuck in my head.  The blue and red borders are Distress Stain in Sapphire and Barn Door, which I liked as a visual connection to the sadness/anger of the song lyrics.

They called it Bard Door because calling it Exsanguination probably wouldn’t sell product. I love the color, but every time I use it, I think it looks like blood splatter, especially when I apply a lot in an area then take some canned air and get that nice veiny spray business.  It blends well with Sapphire to make a beautiful dark violet.

Although I’m sad to finish another Jane class, there are still a few for me to take.  The next one on my list is I Heart Drawing, which delves into figure drawing.  Not sure when I’ll sign up for it, though, because I still have the final lesson for Magicial Mythical Makings, plus I couldn’t resist Tam’s mini class, Quirky Birds. I also made a donation to her water campaign that included a Mermaid miniclass.

If that isn’t enough, with all this face work, I want to explore art dolls and couldn’t resist another class from A for Artistic that started on the 22nd.  The doll is a needle felted, ball jointed doll with watercolor painted face, inspired by the 20s era Boudoir dolls. The class is 6 lessons, comes with patterns, and I have all the materials in my stash. I’m a bit worried about how the needle felting with work with my hands, so it may take me more than 6 weeks to complete the project.  I’ve done a tiny bit of sewing lately and I can only work for 2 hours and have to stop for a week.  It’s just too hand-intensive right now.