Technically, this is not an art journal page, it is a mixed media piece of art I made for Mr. Thompson for Valentine’s Day this year.  I have only recently begun to create art outside of my art classes.

I used pretty much every art supply I have for this piece: tissue paper, stamps, paint, markers. The photo does not capture the complex layers.  The figures were cut out from the 2013 Nihon Ki-in igo calendar. I really need to scan these 9X12 pages.

In January, I attended Paste Eaters, which is a local group of artsy friends who meet up and spend the afternoon making art.  I met a gal who gave me a crash course in hiragana.  I used what I learned that day and some lyrics from Big Audio Dynamite’s song “Baby, Don’t Apologize” Google-translated into Japanese that I then wrote in what is very likely terrible hiragana.

It is very difficult to write vertically from right to left when you’ve spent nearly 50 years writing horizontally from left to right. I point that out in case you can read Japanese. On the left side of the page, I started writing from left to right.  Since I worked in ink, I couldn’t very stop, now could I? Hopefully, it is just nonsense and not something, shall we say, unpleasant?