I don’t have any updated Life Book or Express Yourself pages.  I’m in the middle of Week 12 with Finnabaer. My first attempt was not quite what I wanted but I liked the technique.  I started a new page and like where it’s going but is not ready for sharing just yet.  I didn’t work on Week 13 using Transfer Artist Paper, which I don’t have on hand.

Instead, I got sidetracked this weekend with an incoming dolls: Dollstown Elf body Arin. She is shipping right now but I wanted to have an outfit ready for her.  Gracefaerie Patterns offers 3 patterns designed specifically for that body, so I spent the weekend making an outfit. Pics to come after she arrives.

So, who is this Braid Girl anyway?

Glad you asked.  This is a page from Week 5 of Supplies Me, which was Marker Week. She is on the class Teesha Moore-style journal, gessoed page, face drawn with colored pencil and the rest done with markers.  Pitts and Copics, since I didn’t have my Spectrum Noirs when I did this page.

I liked this gal but something about her was bugging me. Her eyes are a bit uneven, but close enough.  The space between the eyes if fine. I like her shading.  Finally, I saw it when scaling the photo – her mouth is just a bit to the right of her nose.

I do not tend to cover over pages that don’t quite work and I like the image on the other side. I have also been meaning to go back to Marker Week, while I have access to Supplies Me, so maybe I will start a new page and re-create this gal.