For many years, I’ve had the goal of making my own wardrobe.  This goal has been recently hampered by my bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. It has also been hampered by my lack of discipline to sort out my personal style. That is about to change, thanks to Coletterie (which offers adorbs retro-inspired sewing patterns), I am following her Wardrobe Architect plan to realize it in an organized, thoughtful manner.  The intro post is here.

How, you may ask, does this relate to my visual world? The Wardrobe Architect has weekly assignments, some writing and contemplative and others image-collecting.  Week 2 is Defining Core Style, so I followed her suggestion and created a Pinterest Board for my Core Style.

Week 4 is Proportions and she suggested making a collection with Polyvore, which I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time, so here is my Sillouette Collection.

The photos in these sets do not yet address color, but there is clearly a style emerging, based on the clothing styles and shapes I feel best in.  The trick will be in combining my Bohemian, Ethnic, Retro, Eclectic stylings into my own style. I had called it Eclectic Ethnic, but I like Bohemian Retro.  Still, not sure how to merge those. These two pins, in particular, begin to capture the look I’m going for:

While working through the journaling exercises, it occurred to me that while I may not be able to sew everything, I can alter pieces to fit my sillouette.  I enjoyed the altered pieces I made as Costume Designer for a fringe production of Anna Karenina. I was particularly happy with Anna’s party dress, where she meets Vronksy, made by combining 2 thrift store gowns.