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LB Week 8

With Noir City 2014, I got a bit behind on my art classes.  I completed Life Book Week 7, Jane Davenport’s project, but only the art journal version.  I decided today to work on Week 8, Alena Hennessy’s abstract meditation on the soul.

It is a drizzly, grey Seattle winter day, perfect for a bit of soul-searching. Today would have been dad’s 83rd birthday, so it seemed fitting to spend the day on art projects.

I did the art journal and Life Book versions of today’s assignment at the same time. Frankly, I prefer the art journal version.

I used Daler Rowney acrylic inks, Higgins India ink, tissue paper, hand made paper, punchinella, a circle stencil, acrylic paints and Shiva oil stick.  The figure 8 image is a tangle called inapod, which I think is lotus-y. The text is a meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh’s, “The Blooming of a Lotus.” It reads “In touch with the cloud in the flower, I breath in.  Knowing that without the cloud, there would be no flower, I breathe out.”



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She Dreams of a Mermaid

This week’s Life Book lesson was all about drippy spray inks.  Tam used the Dylusions inks, but the colors are not my style, so as much as I like my version, which was done with Peerless watercolors, I wanted to try the Daler Rowney acrylic inks I saw at my fave art supply store Artist & Craftsman in the U District.

Here is my Week 6 Spray Ink Love page, done with Peerless watercolors, acrylics, pigment ink, and Pitt Pens. This is rather large, for me, at least. It’s 14″ x 17″ on Canson Mixed Media paper, which held up quite well to this week’s effort. This is my best mostly profile and I really like the way this dreamy gal turned out.  However, I followed Tam’s image, combined with the size of this page and I want to re-do it on 9″ x 12″ paper, which means reorienting the gal.  Hmmm.

Yes, I am Queen of the Run On Sentence.


While I was A&C, I picked up a few blank journals, selecting those suitable for use with alcohol markers. This is also Week 1 of Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself class. Our homework is an expression map and whimsical face practice. Jane did hers with alcohol markers.  When the marker week came up in Supplies Me, I had quite a time with it.  Turns out, I had the wrong paper. I like the way markers look, and being a persistent sort, I made a few faces shaded with markers..

Today’s journal page blends the Life Book Week 6 drippy lesson with Express Yourself Week 1’s whimsical face with markers review.

Jane used her Jane Girl full front stencil, which is too big for the journal I was using – the Moleskin watercolor journal. I started with the drips in Emerald, Turqoise, and Sundown Magenta. I drew my gal and colored her with Spectrum Noir and Copics. The details were done with Pitt superfine black pen (my new favorite black pen), and Yasutomo pan watercolors. The text says…that’s right…mermaid in Japanese hirakana. At least, according to google translate, that’s what I wrote.



I like my mermaid and want to use this gal as the basis for my Life Book version. The shading will have to be done with something other than alcohol markers, which don’t work so well on watercolor paper.