I have one themed journal, which started its life back in my direct sales days. It was an affirmation journal, filled with positive quotes, mostly from my O Magazine reading days, my favorite stamps, quotes, and the like. At the time, I glued my magazine pages down with whatever glue stick was handy. Many of the original pieces did not adhere well.

It has been many years since I was in direct sales and the book sat locked away until recently. In keeping with my happy theme, I have been removing some of the previous elements and re-working pages, embellishing with paint and doodles. Tonight, I printed one of my scanned drawings, of my inner critic for Awesome Art Journal, glued the Critic Monster down and went to town on the page. One of the leftover elements on the page is some piece of advice, probably from Oprah, advising  to sieze the day. I  did a little editing with a silver Montana acrylic marker to hone the advice into a sort of found poem. Some acrtylic paints and various papers. Blue is my favorite color and my color for Life Book 2014. You might say I’m in my Blue Period.

I stopped to take a photo, like I do. It consider the page  a work in progress, but liked it enough to post. In keeping with my digital art/photo manipulation machinations, I added my dragonfly girl using pics art. Did some filtering and embellishing with pixlomatic, and finishing with a couple layers in Aviary. I like the digital verion so much, I may use the digital version to finish the actual piece.

Although unexpected, I am enjoying how the digital version of my pieces are beginning to influence my art journals and will continue this experiment.