The first week of Life Book 2014 was posted on New Year’s Day, and, as Tamara promised, jam packed with information: a short meditation on the coming year, review of color theory and the front facing portrait, a warm-up exercise, and the assignment.

I jumped in and spent all day yesterday on the week’s assignments.  I had not intended to spend the whole day on it, I just got into it and kept working. I hope to continue what I added this week: a small, journal-sized version of each week’s assignment in my art journal.

For the warm-up exercise, I completed a 9″ x 12″ page and worked in my class art journal, although I don’t think 1 journal will be enough for this class.

As I reviewed my pictures for this week, I realized I should scan the 9×12 pieces.  The art journal is probably too bulky to scan well, but I’ll try it.  However, I shot these with my Canon Rebel, cropped in the GIMP and did minor edits in Digikam.

For all three pieces, I used Neocolor 2s, acrylic paints, Prisma pencils, Sakura Micron, Sharpie pens, gesso, ModgePodge, grey copic marker for the eyelid shadow, hand made paper (no, not made by me), an aquabrush filled with India Ink, and pages from a nature book and 1950s British publication, Practical Householder. Uh, yeah, pretty much every supply in my arsenal.  It would be a shorter list to say what I didn’t use: Pitt pens, Sakura gel pens, and Spectrum Noir markers.  Hmmm…perhaps I could add some extra details and use those items?

I like the way these pages turned out. Also, I like how Tam’s techniques are familiar but clearly have grown since her self-study courses, some of which are 3 years old. I also spent time perusing the Flickr group and really love what everyone is doing.  Some folks do the exact same assignment as Tam and others, like me, do something similar but in our own color scheme.  But everyone’s work looks unique and beautiful.  I saw some layers and doodles I want to try out.

class art journal pages

Here is the 9″x12″ warm up page:

I would not call the art journal or warm up pages finished, but I like having ready-made backgrounds on hand.  The weekly assignment is a front-facing portrait of my art angel and class word for the year.