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Birds Flyin’ High ATC/ACEO


I have tried a couple of ATCs, artist tradin cards, but wanted to try my hand at a mixed media version using the techniques I have been learning lately.

The bird is a quirky lil bird I drew for the first lesson of Awesome Art Journal on the composition exercise. I really like that little guy, and wanted to make a stamp out of him. I traced the image with pencil, transferred it to the Staedtler carving eraser material I have on hand and made a few test stamps. I like the way he turned out and decided to make this fella the featured image of my ATC.

I had a pice of 9″ x 12″ Canson paper painted with shades of yellow ochre, so I added to that with some handmade paper, origami paper, scrapbook paper, and text from my good friend Practical Householder. I am using Modge Podge to glue the papers down, but do not care much for it’s scent, so when I run out, I am going back to Golden Matte Medium.

I did a layer of neocolor 2 to unify the paper, stamped with andirondak ink, grunged it up with acrylics and stamped my little bird in black. With the txtured paper, I had to do a little black pen enhancement for lines that didn’t print and added my text, which is from Nina Simone’s song, Feelin’ Good. I am keeping 2 for Bill and I. The rest I will set aside until…who knows?

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LB Week 4 – Be True to Yourself

This week’s bonus class was taught by Kelly Hornig. I like a lot of the ideas I got from this week’s lesson: using gesso through a stencil, watering down acrylic paints to a wash, and subtle stencilled. It took me all week to complete this week’s piece. I love this tpe of mixed media but have not played with it, so it took some days for the piece to form. There is a companion art journal piece. The two are compliments of each other, although the art journal pages was my orignal plan. I didn’t actually refer to it much. I like both pieces very much

Because I included

beads to my piece, I shot it with my tablet camera then edited and enhanced it with aviary and pixlomatic.

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I Hope You Dance

I have one themed journal, which started its life back in my direct sales days. It was an affirmation journal, filled with positive quotes, mostly from my O Magazine reading days, my favorite stamps, quotes, and the like. At the time, I glued my magazine pages down with whatever glue stick was handy. Many of the original pieces did not adhere well.

It has been many years since I was in direct sales and the book sat locked away until recently. In keeping with my happy theme, I have been removing some of the previous elements and re-working pages, embellishing with paint and doodles. Tonight, I printed one of my scanned drawings, of my inner critic for Awesome Art Journal, glued the Critic Monster down and went to town on the page. One of the leftover elements on the page is some piece of advice, probably from Oprah, advising  to sieze the day. I  did a little editing with a silver Montana acrylic marker to hone the advice into a sort of found poem. Some acrtylic paints and various papers. Blue is my favorite color and my color for Life Book 2014. You might say I’m in my Blue Period.

I stopped to take a photo, like I do. It consider the page  a work in progress, but liked it enough to post. In keeping with my digital art/photo manipulation machinations, I added my dragonfly girl using pics art. Did some filtering and embellishing with pixlomatic, and finishing with a couple layers in Aviary. I like the digital verion so much, I may use the digital version to finish the actual piece.

Although unexpected, I am enjoying how the digital version of my pieces are beginning to influence my art journals and will continue this experiment.

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Playing with Layers

I’m still trying to figure out layers and layer masks in the GIMP. A process that is a tad trickier than sticking layers on in the phone/tablet apps I have.  Today’s attempt is a pretty boring photo taken from the loft of a nice foggy day a couple of weekends ago.  Taken with my Rebel.  I layered it with one of my favorite tangle tiles.  It is, in fact, an unaltered color image.  That is just how grey the day was.

I’m not totally happy with it. I tried to fully mask the bottom of the image so the doodles appear only in the sky, but did not get all the dark spots in the building selected.  Still, not a bad effort.


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Life Book Week 2

This is a bonus week with guest artist Micki Wilde of secrethermit.  The bonus week is intended to be a light week after Tam’s first week crammed full of information

I made an art journal version and a 9″ x 12″ version, slightly modified to be a bit more dream catcher-y and to add my word for the year.

I took the art journal version with my Samsung Galaxy tablet, edited with Aviary.  The 9 x 12 version was taken with my Canon Rebel and editing in Digikam, where I figured out how to insert a watermark as a batch process. Thanks Interweb geniuses!

I am enjoying Life Book 2014 immensely and looking forward to Micki’s regular week, later this year.

art journal version


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A Sad Day in the Neighborhood

The Mister and I scheduled dinner and a movie with our pals Pat & Lisa. Meet up at Sam’s for sushi and then watch Bettie Page Tells All.

The only flaw in that plan: Sam’s Sushi closed. We are sad and will have to make a trip to his brother’s Sam’s in Ballard….and hope he’s there. or, at the very least, find out what happened.

We have going to Sam ‘s since he opened and his kids we young. A very sad day, indeed.

I took this phot of the Mister with my phone camera, edited it in pixlromatic and aviary.


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Video Editing Project

I haven’t posted much about my hoop dance, but it has been a fun form of exercise for me since March 2012.  Although reluctant at first to do so, I began taping my hoop dance session on my Canon Powershot S50 camera.  It takes 3:30 minutes’ worth of video but the sound quality of icky and I couldn’t figure out whether or not it was possible to use the timer on the video feature. I shot my videos regularly and posted some to YouTube, mainly to share on hoop dance forums for advice and questions.

I wanted to edit them but we didn’t have video editing software until Bill upgraded the home network and downloaded a couple of programs so I could extract some video clips for a work project.  I spent all day today learning the basics of kdenlive. I decided to try editing my hooping and replace the camera audio with a nice, clear audio file.

The first video is still a work in progress, but got me to the point of being able to extract the clips I wanted. The work video is copyrighted by Fred Hutch, so I won’t post it in public, but I was quite proud that I extracted the clip, cut it down to size and figured out how to fade to and from black at the beginning and end in order to cover the slow cross fade the original editor used in the source video.  I even figured out how to render it to several formats. I was so pleased with myself, that I decided to edit another hoop video.

Here it is.  The source videos are progress sessions recorded from August 2012 through August 2013. Yes, that’s 12 months, but I did not shoot video for the first 5 months, because I was too self-conscious. I spent a lot of time figuring out the cuts, trying to get them to make hoop sense.  I tried setting up the camera in different locations in our living and the cuts were chosen to match what I doing in the hoop and the direction I’m facing. Obviously, my hair, outfits and hoops have changed over time, but I think it’s a good representation of my hoop dance progression.

The song I chose is “Tanto’s Revenge” from A Tribe Called Red. Oddly enough, not one of the songs I’m hooping to.  I’m hooping to, in order: Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth,” Daft Punk’s “Four on the Floor,” A Tribe Called Red’s “redriddem,” Big Audio Dynamite’s “Over the Rise,” and one of the songs from on the Hoopnotica music by Elad, none of which have titles. I found it interesting that they all worked with my new song. For this video, I also added opening and closing title cards, but they didn’t show up after I converted it to flash video. There is much to learn, but it was fun so I will shoot and edit more of my hooping videos.


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Life Book 2014 Week 1

The first week of Life Book 2014 was posted on New Year’s Day, and, as Tamara promised, jam packed with information: a short meditation on the coming year, review of color theory and the front facing portrait, a warm-up exercise, and the assignment.

I jumped in and spent all day yesterday on the week’s assignments.  I had not intended to spend the whole day on it, I just got into it and kept working. I hope to continue what I added this week: a small, journal-sized version of each week’s assignment in my art journal.

For the warm-up exercise, I completed a 9″ x 12″ page and worked in my class art journal, although I don’t think 1 journal will be enough for this class.

As I reviewed my pictures for this week, I realized I should scan the 9×12 pieces.  The art journal is probably too bulky to scan well, but I’ll try it.  However, I shot these with my Canon Rebel, cropped in the GIMP and did minor edits in Digikam.

For all three pieces, I used Neocolor 2s, acrylic paints, Prisma pencils, Sakura Micron, Sharpie pens, gesso, ModgePodge, grey copic marker for the eyelid shadow, hand made paper (no, not made by me), an aquabrush filled with India Ink, and pages from a nature book and 1950s British publication, Practical Householder. Uh, yeah, pretty much every supply in my arsenal.  It would be a shorter list to say what I didn’t use: Pitt pens, Sakura gel pens, and Spectrum Noir markers.  Hmmm…perhaps I could add some extra details and use those items?

I like the way these pages turned out. Also, I like how Tam’s techniques are familiar but clearly have grown since her self-study courses, some of which are 3 years old. I also spent time perusing the Flickr group and really love what everyone is doing.  Some folks do the exact same assignment as Tam and others, like me, do something similar but in our own color scheme.  But everyone’s work looks unique and beautiful.  I saw some layers and doodles I want to try out.

class art journal pages

Here is the 9″x12″ warm up page:

I would not call the art journal or warm up pages finished, but I like having ready-made backgrounds on hand.  The weekly assignment is a front-facing portrait of my art angel and class word for the year.