This has been a vacation week for me, so I have had plenty of time to work on my goddess. The bulk of the work got me to the point of yesterday’s post but I didn’t know at the time. My main goal was to finish before I go back to work on Monday.

I had an appointment in the middle of today, so I added the collage-y bits with gel medium, slathered on fiber paste in the non-collaged area, and a bit of detail on the three figures. And let it dry.

I have used fiber paste in my art journals and it has taken overnight for it to dry, but that involves working on both sides of the page – I’m experimenting with fiber paste on one side and gesso on the other.

After my appointment and lunch, I went back to work on Athena. The fiber paste was completely dry, but I saved the textured background for last. I spent most of this afternoon on adding fine details: using a Prisma pencil to outline all the figures and assorted pens to do other tiny details.  Sakura gel pens are not waterproof, so that was the last item used for the stars on Wonder Woman and the tiny swirls on the owl stand.

I don’t think I mentioned in the last post that I followed the steps Tam went though on her painting. The main difference is I was inspired by the research and art journal phase of this assignment to create my own goddess rather than copy her painting, which is lovely.

Anywho, here is my Geek Athena.  Someday, she’ll get the frame she deserves.

geekathena_cropped_4450_v1As for the photo, I shot her with my Canon Rebel with the flash off.  In addition to the waning natural light, I used my desktop fluorescent light…I know that somewhere, Brian just cringed…mixed light. Either I don’t quite see it yet while I’m shooting or I like the look of mixed light.  I want another photo of Athena, either during full daylight or set my white balance.  I did a bit of fiddling in Digikam to correct the colors so they are pretty close to actual – the skin tone is a bit pinker in the photo but the blues are about right.

I will get started on Week 3 of Magical Mythical Makings, but Life Book 2014 starts in 4.5 days, so I don’t know how far I’ll get.  I like M3, as Tam calls it, because there is an art journal component each week, so we’re journaling about the week’s them then creating a larger piece of art.