When I signed up for Life Book 2014, I added 1 additional class: Magical Mythical Makings. Goddesses, fairies, and mermaids, oh my.

Weeks 1 & 2 cover goddesses, because Tam works on a very large canvas. Two foot by three foot is my guess. The last time I painted large scale was back in my techincal theater days in college. But I have not before painted on a standard artist canvas. Tam’s size canvas was too big for my firsy try, so I am working on a 14″ x 18″ gessoed canvas panel.

I watched the videos and read the handouts and mulled over what to do. The artist providing inspiration is Gustav Klimt. I have a passing familiarity with his work but googled images for more and found Pallas Athena. Still part of his gold period, but this has a dark blue background. I refreshed my knowledge of Athena and came up with the idea of Geek Athena. I sketched the panel in my class art journal, worked on the Klimt-y doodles I like and decided to jump in and start.

I don’t know how far I will get done what is left of my vacation this week. life Book starts in 5 days and I am very excited about that class. Nevertheless, here is my start on Geek Athena, using acrylic paints, Neocolor 2’s, Prismas pencils, various papers, Sakura Micron pens, well, basically every art supply in my stash.


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