I have kept written journals for quite a long time. I have a box full of these, mainly written when someting was troubling me. Mostly work and health related. Pretty tedious or mundane stuff really. I decided to convert one, a Pomaganate African journal, into an art journal. I glued pages together and gessoed some. I have been using it for the second Tamara Laporte eclass, Awesome Art Journals. Week 1’s assignment was various background pages. Each subsequent week has been different techniques to layer onto those backgrounds.

This is a 2 page entry, which started with a tangle called CUdad from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s Totally Tangled book. As happens when I tangled, it grew from there. I added a few cutout elements. I used a Sakura Micron pen and some Pitt pens. I took a photo with my tablet and edited it with Aviary and Pixlromatic.

The journal pages are quite good, actually. I need not have glued pages together. The unglued pages have stood up very well to collage and mixed media. I have nearly filled this journal and will have to get that journal box out of storage and convert more written journals into art journals. I like the idea of covering up all those negative thoughts with mixed media art.