I spent the day shooting a photostory with four of my crew: Ethan (Dollshe Bernard), Ginger (Elfdoll Soah), Tuesday (Lilis Liv/Glorydoll hybrid), and my Dollshe IM Hound.

The photos were shot at the Seattle Go Center tamami room.  Brian brought in his studio lights, so it’s my first shoot with lights.  Thanks, Brian. I learned quite a lot today, and might even remember how to access full manual on my camera.

All the photos were shot with my Canon Rebel, although I have to admit to a teensy bit of jealousy for Brian’s shift tilt lens…until I googled the price.

I’ll just admire it from afar.

I need to edit the photos and create the story, but I wanted to throw out a little teaser.

IMG_4313_v1As I was telling folks at the Go Center the names of my dolls, I remembered that Mr. Hound still does not have a name.  Vicki helped with some suggestions.  The leading contender was Callum but as I drove home, I saw a license plate that reminded me of a good name: Rex.

Hey, my doll’s name is Rex!

Isn’t Rex a great name?

Yeah, it’s the best.

But I digress.

Here is my Hound in his outfit of the day.  Rex or Callum? Cast your vote, or offer a suggestion.