Here is my last Ultimate World of Whimsy mixed media homework. This week was about whimsical animal friends for your whimsy humanoid characters, plus alternative background technique.

WoWweek6animals_4242_v1For this piece, I used: Canson watercolor paper (9×12), Neocolor 2 crayons, Prisma pencils, Sakura Micron and gel pens, Andirondak pigment inks and acrylic dabbers, Golden matte medium, pieces from Practical Householder, tissue paper, patterned cardstock, Canson mixed media paper, stamps, and white Sharpie paint pen,and a brayer.

The characters were drawn, colored, and clothing collaged on a separate piece of paper then cut out and layered onto the background page. My whimsy critters turned out adorbs.  I like that bunny looks less than thrilled to be in a Hands Across America moment. I had some trouble with smudges and the Neocolor’s reactivating in unwanted places.

What I really like best about this piece is the background.  The first layer of color were done with Neocolor 2’s and Andirondak acrylic dabbers.I did a lot more stamping on this piece and chose stamps for texture rather than text. I don’t have stamp company credits.

The glued down pages work a lot better than in Alice’s page because I also did a tissue paper layer.  After the tissue layer, I took a Raspberry Andirondak acrylic dabber all over the page. Thinking the dabber and stamped text was too much, I used my brayer on the still-wet layer to diffuse the colors.  It worked, but the brayer pulled up the tissue paper, which, when tacked back down, created some nice additional texture.

By way of review of the class, besides the lack of homework feedback, the videos are long (typically an hour) and the healing is intermingled with the art.  I watched all the class videos, but did few of the healing exercises. I tried to keep an open mind, but frankly, she didn’t have anything new to say to me on the subject. As she mentioned several times, she glossed over the presented healing techniques and left it up to you to investigate further. Her heart is in the right place and I think art has some healing properties, but if you need help with serious matters, I suggest a trained professional.

As an art teacher, I recommend Tamara and this class. She is a wonderful goofball, her explanations of each technique is clear, as are the videos. I think this class is suitable for beginners and those exploring whimsical drawing and mixed media art. There is no time limit on accessing class materials. The pdf handouts summarize the videos nicely. The price of the class is very reasonable for the content.

On her art class website, you have 2 options for the class: on-line only (which is how I took this class) or spend about $20 more and get access on-line right away plus dvds of all the class materials. Today, I went to Tamara’s etsy shop and found she sells the dvd versions of the class. Since there is no feedback on the class site, and I plan to take more of her self-paced classes, I’m tempted to buy the dvds through her Etsy shop.

I learned a lot in this class and am looking forward to merging this class information with what I’ve learned from Jane’s classes and see what emerges.