My Ultimate World of Whimsy is almost over.  Actually, I finished the class this weekend, but my posting is a little behind. Here is my effort for Week 5, which was primarily about color theory.  There was a useful exercise to create secondary and tertiary color wheels using only primaries – I used my Neocolor 2s in yellow, cobalt blue and scarlet.

As has been my habit, my first time through a new technique is to make my version of the teacher’s piece. Still using 9″x12″ Canson watercolor paper, ungessoed. Alice and her bunny friend were drawn with a graphite pencil and I am beginning to see the problem with the graphite smearing. It’s not so obvious in photos, but in person, the graphite does muddy the colors a bit.  Still enjoying my Neocolors 2, blended with an aquabrush, Golden Matte Medium used to glue down vintage magazine pages, Prisma pencils, and Golden acrylics.


At the time that Tamara made the class video (about 2 years ago), she was really into tearing up book pages and gluing them down with matte medium.  She happened to be using Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” in Dutch.  It kind of broke my heart to see her tear out one of the pages for the project. But hey, not everyone loves that novel. I’m sure someone out there will cringe to learn what I used: a mid 1950s magazine called “Practical Householder.”

This was my first attempt with this torn paper technique and I think I could have used a lot more pieces in order to form more of a background. I followed Tam’s lead and used a Q-tip for applying the orange dots. The color scheme Tamara used was blues and blue greens and orange.  Her color scheme was more pastel than mine and I think my orange dots are a bit dark but the piece is growing on me so I probably will leave it as is. Overall, I like my Alice and think the bunny is adorbs.I tried the torn paper technique in three more pages, with better results – one of the pages was used for Week 6.