Has a week gone by already?  No, it was a 3 day weekend, I got my chores done, and was inspired to continue onto Weeks 3 and 4 of Tamara Laporte’s Ultimate World of Whimsy.

Weeks 3 and 4 are about creating backgrounds and embellishing the art. As much as I love Jane’s e-classes, she has not yet covered backgrounds. Also, Jane’s style is such that her backgrounds tend to be simpler, in that she leans toward a wash of color, adds some text and most of the focus is on her whimsy girls.  Which is all very well.  But, as we know, my style is Fill the Page.

Tamara fills the page.  And how!  I am in page-filling heaven.

As has been my style for most of these classes, my page mimics the teacher’s page and Fairy Girl is no exception. Although, I have to admit, that I am still working in the same hand made Canson Mixed Media journal from Week 2.  Tamara suggests working on a piece of 9″ x 12″ watercolor paper. I haven’t made the leap yet, worried that I can’t fill the page. Here’s my Fairy girl drawing.

WoWwk3_4168_cropped_v1What’s amazing, to me, is how she looks at the end.  I don’t plan these pages out.  I just work through Tamara’s instructions and have fun.  Taking photos as I go, since I have found that to be very helpful. Not after every step, because, well I get carried away with the play.

For the background, I used Neocolor 2 in blue and greens, spread around with water. A technique I’m quite smitten with.  Next I used various stamps with with my Andirondak Caramel and Raisin ink pads.The next layer is tissue paper applied with matte medium.  I don’t remember where this particular tissue paper came from, but I really like it. It’s white with a little gold crown scattered around.  The next layer was to cut paper in my color scheme into little squares and glue them down. In the class video, Tamara got her little squares together, then discarded them from her picture.  I placed them around the page before I glued them down and happen to like them, so I kept my. Next was another layer of stamping. I used the same ink and stamps as the previous layer,this time over the dress and off the edge of the page. Lastly, I took some Neocolor 2 green, on a wet brush and dabbed it around the page.

WoWwk3_4185_cropped_v1Black neocolor 2 for her hair and Adirondak Dabber in Pearl on the scrubby side of kitchen sponge dabbed around the gal. There might have been using a piece of bubble wrap as an overall texture stamp.  It’s all a bit of blur, really.

Each of these layers takes quite a bit of time to dry, even with a heat gun. While I wait between layers, I read the class pdfs, and draw in other journals. I have quite a store of blank images waiting to be colored or turned into bigger, fuller pages. Again, very exciting, since I was worried about having material for the Life Book class. In flipping through my earlier Jane classes, I can see images that I want to go back to and develop further, now that my drawing is improving.

The quote Tam used was about dreams and wishes from some classic Disney princess song.  I’m not a fan of the genre, so I went in search of other quotes involving dreams and wishes.  I found the James Dean quote “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”


Yup, that’s the one for me. I wrote it with brown Higgins ink in an aqua brush. I should have practiced a bit first, but didn’t and it blobbed on me.  I haven’t figured out yet how to fix it.I may just go over it with a light gel pen. I’d hate to paint over it and lose all those layers…so I’m waiting for inspiration to hit.

I added an aura around my Fairy gal and thought I hadn’t incorporated it enough, but now I like it – it’s like she’s powering up to grant a wish. I used Prisma pencils in related colors to give Fairy girl back some definition. My trusty Sakura Micron pen was used for the pupils, upper lashes, and wand (a bit too stark, I thought), white Sharpie pen for the twinkle in her eyes.  Until I reviewed the photos, I thought her hair needed darkening. Now I think it has nice texture as is and making it solid black would be too much.

I finished this page on Sunday and was so happy with it, overall, that I decided to move on to Week 4, but, that is a post for another day.