I posted my World of Whimsy Week 1 composition page to the class forum last week. In the end, I posted the same image I posted here, but sans the digital elements.  I have yet to receive any comments.  Either folks are shy or there is no one else currently taking the class.

Anywho, until I get feedback from classmates, if there are any, I’ll just post my weekly homework here. The art portion of Week 2 is about shading. I did not mention in the last post, that Tamara’s class include an art portion and what she calls a ‘healing’ portion. So far, these healing portions have been about dealing with your inner critic, mainly as it pertains to art.  She also had an interesting short video on what she called “Copyright thingies.” Basically, she said, don’t worry about copying my style, or anyone else’s when you’re taking classes. It’s how we learn. I have noticed that my drawing style has shifted from Jane’s whimsical style to Tamara’s. Although, in both cases, the style is my own, in its way, with clear inspiration from each teacher.

I made a smaller, more portable journal from Canson Mixed Media paper. My tablet is 14″ by 17″ and I cut 6 pages in half for pages that are 7″ wide x 8 1/2″ tall. It a good size to carry around in my bag and takes markers, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and gesso all pretty well.

While watching this week’s videos, I drew several pages of whimsical characters, trying out Tamara’s shapes.  Today’s page is a gal that, looking at it today, kinda looks like Megan from Family Guy as a green eyed Indian Princess.  Not what I was shooting for, but I don’t plan.  I draw the face then color it in as I see fit.

My girls tend to have black or red hair.  Hm….because my hair is nearly black and Bill’s is red?  Possibly. There are more practical reasons:  I bought Distress Stain in black soot and bard door.  In playing with these 2 colors, I happen to like them best for hair, although I throw in a blond, a brunette, and sometimes purple, every once in a while. Just to mix things up.

Jane favors colored pencils for drawing because she doesn’t like the way the graphite smears when you starting adding mixed media materials.  Tamara draws all her whimsies with pencil. Prisma pencils erase well on gessoed paper, but not at all well on untreated paper. The Colerase pencil doesn’t erase well enough on untreated paper for my taste, so I am giving drawing with graphite a try.

I am using an Eberahard Faber Design Drawing 3800 in 6 B. No special reason I chose 6B, other than I had one.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up 3 Neocolor 2 crayons.  I liked them so much, that I picked up the tin with 15 and, luckily, have no duplicates.


After drawing my gal in pencil, I set about shading her, Tamara style. Initially, I used Peerless watercolors and really didn’t like it, so I painted over it with Decoart Crafter’s Acyrlic in Flesh.  I really like the way Prismas worke don the this paint and wanted to try the Neocolor 2’s, wet on this surface.


And I love it.  In addition to the Neocolor 2s, I used Peerless watercolors, Colorbox pigment ink in Cyan, Prisma pencils, and a white paint Sharpie for white highlights.


I am continuing to journal in my style of working pages in layers.  This page is not finished, but I have nothing to add to it just yet.  She’ll need to sit there for a while before I figure out what else she needs. There are a few corrections to be made on the page, but again, I need to find out how the page will develop.


As for the gal herself, I am pretty happy with how the shading turned out, given it was my first attempt at shading using Neocolors.

wow_geg_4183_v1After 2 weeks of World of Whimsy, I like Tamara’s teaching style and, am less apprehensive about tacking Life Book 2014.  I think that year-long class will be a big help to finding my own style.

All of the photos were taking with my Canon Rebel, editing in the GIMP and Digikam. I forgot to take photos of this gal before I started coloring, so I don’t have a blank version of her face to fiddle with digitally.  That’s ok, though, as I did take photos of some of the other drawings from this week that have not been colored.

If I can pull myself away from drawing and coloring, I will try a little digital photo manipulation.