After getting the day’s chores done, I went up to the loft and worked on my homework for Week 7 of Supplies Me.  The acrylic/mixed media homework. However, I am not posting today about the homework, because I’m not sure I like what I’ve done.  I need to set it aside and look at it with fresh eyes in a day or two.

Still wanting to work in my journals, I decided to turn my brain back to a more doodle-based page. At some point if 2012, I ran across, which is a pretty awesome mixed media site.  It was one of those meandering link follows that landed me there.

I looked through the tutorials and found something called Zentangles, and next thing I knew, I was hooked.  I still enjoy tangling, as the cool kids say, even though I’ve been sidetracked by the Aussie awesomeness of Jane Davenport’s whimsical faces and simplified figure drawing system.

There is something freeing about tangling, I think it is because the designs are abstract and there is no goal, other than to relax the old bean. Just what I needed. However, I didn’t want to work on a traditional tile, I wanted to tangle in my journal.

My journal is a Teesha Moore style journal, made from Arches 140 watercolor paper.  Yes, the paper does crack, but that doesn’t bother me. Before cutting the pages and assembling the journal, I sprayed it with Mr. Huey’s ink in Ocean and swirls of Tim Holtz Distress Stain dabber in Barn Door. When one side was dry, I did the same to the other side, then assembled my journal. The page was not gessoed.

I started with Tracy Bautista’s Doodling exercise in Doodles Unleashed and my new tool, Peerless watercolors, which I love. The doodle prompt is the make circles, lines, squares, flowers, dots randomly on the page. After the page dried, I set about enhancing the doodles with some tangles and tiny faces.

I used Copics markers, Sakura Micron pens, Sakura Gel pens and Pitt Brush markers. The faces were a late addition but I like my little flower faces.

I brought out my Canon Rebel to get a good macro shot of my page. The photo represents less than a quarter of the full spread.

I am a fill the page kind of art journaler.  Every so often, I try to simplify a page, but I always go back to this style.  I think my pages could do with a little compositional improvement, but hey, they are art journal pages. So what if this page doesn’t tell a story, other than, perhaps, how crowded it is in my brain?

close up of one my art journal pages.
close up of one my art journal pages.