I am on Supplies Me Week 7. Have I mentioned how much I love this class?  I have enjoyed all of the Jane Davenport eclasses. She is a bit kooky, which I like, but, more importantly, she has a terrific teaching style that gives you simple tools for drawing faces and bodies that is easy to remember and practice. Which is what I am doing today. The Body Basics exercise for this week is to put the whole body together. It is also this week ‘s mixed media project, but I wanted to spend some time practicing bodies before tackling my homework.

For about as long as I can remember, I have loved ripping pages out of magazines, particularly fashion magazines. My first Art Jounal was the place I pasted all those photos, then I wrote and doodled over top of the pages, to varying degrees of success.  As I have struggled with drawing figures over the years, I have gone back to the Vogues, Elles, etc and used those tear sheets to practice. Usually short-lived practice. Until now.

My friend John was kind enough to give me all his Fall Fashion issues, which was a stack about a foot high. As usual, I pulled all the pages I liked. After watching this week’s Body Basics video and practicing a few figures, I decided to give my new skills a test using my tear sheets.

Today’s journal is an 8×10 hardbound sketchbook, unlabelled, so I don’t know the brand. I gessoed a page a while ago and decided to do my body practice on this page.

I flipped through my tear sheets and chose a Gucci wool dress ad or possibly trend page. I like her pose, but am not yet up to profile faces, so I changed it to a 3/4, turned face, and I changed her dress to dark violet because, as much as I love black in my wardrobe, I like color in my drawn ladies.  I have known that my drawing style is not quite realistic and I am not fighting it. It is a sort of whimsical/anime style. Making supermodels the ideal drawing figure for me.

I drew my party girl with my Prisma colorerase in Indigo. Then Prismacolor pencils for her face and dress, both of which I blended. The background is a Pitt brush pen. I initally tried to avoid the black area of the fence she is sitting on, but ended up coloring over it. I like the look it gave the fence. The page is not finished, bit Pittpen on gesso takes some time to dry.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my Party Girl, although I had a little trouble with foreshortened legs, but hey, I tried and its not too bad. I included the inspiration page for reference. There was no photo credit on the page, but they included the jewelry, hair and makeup credit, go figure.

I have a whole stack of pose tear sheets to practice with. I have 1 lesson left in this class, so I have been considering my options.

The next one in the series is I Heart Drawing, where Jane explores the figure in detail, but I want to put in more practice first.

I am interested in Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2014, but a year seems like a big commitment for a new teacher. I saw some of her whimsical girl art in an issue of Digital Studio and looked at her blog and class offerings. Isigned up for The Ultimate World of Whimsy, how could I not?  The class explores faces but also creatures, art journal page composition, color theory. it is a 6 week, self-study class. If I like it, I will sign up for Life Book.

I don’t know where all this new found art journaling will take me, but I am enjoying the ride.