I’m working on Week 5 of Jane Davenport’s Supplies Me class, which is Pens & Markers with exercises on shading and arms/hands.  I haven’t really worked with markers before and it is very different from colored pencils. Today’s post is about using markers in the arms/hands exercise.


I may have mentioned I started this art journey with Jane Davenport’s Cloth Paper Scissors video, “Drawing Whimsical Faces.” One of the tips she gives in the video is to stop every so often and take a quick phone photo.  The point is to look at the page with a fresh perspective.  I don’t know how, but it works.

The format for the Supplies Me class is Jane makes an inspiration/instruction video then you get homework which relates to the video.  Her videos are not downloadable and students have one year to access them.  I use a Canson Mixed Media, spiral bound 10 x 14 journal to duplicate each exercise as Jane presents it. Afterwards, I work on the ideas presented and create my mixed media homework page using a theme or idea that comes to me.  

This particular journal is one of my magazine page collage journals that, truthfully, I had forgotten about after packing it away in a trunk.  Last night, I was looking for something else in that trunk, and found 3 unfinished journals.  

I don’t remember where I bought this journal or the brand.  The inside and outside covers have things glued on them. I tore out pages I liked from various magazines: recipes, fashion images, jewelry designs, business cards, movie ticket stubs, postage stamps, whatever caught my eye at the moment.  I pasted the images into spiral bound journal until I filled up all the pages, with no plan or them in mind.  Once all the pages were covered, I used the journal as a place to write quotes or phrases I liked, but also as a place for what Jane calls ‘verbal vomit.”

I  don’t know about you, but sometimes, icky things happen and some of these icky things refuse to exit my mind.  Whenever this happens, I take one of my journals and write it all out.  Once it’s out, I can let it go and get on with my life.

Today’s page was in the middle of one of those vomits.  I really like the images on the page and the quote, so I decided to see just how much the Pitt Pens obliterate the underlying text.  I re-created the gal from my scratch journal and pointed her face to look at the jumping figure.  The original magazine image was sepia-toned, but I like the way the light blue Pitt pen makes a nice blue sky.  I used the darker blue pen as contrast and to really obliterate the text.

This paper is pretty thin.  As I flipped through, I want to keep working the pages but will need to gesso some pages.  Other pages need a layer of matte medium.  I used primarily glue sticks to adhere the pages, but eventually, the glue dries and the pages fall out.

For this drawing, I used my Pitt Brush pens and Sakura 0.8 Micron pen in black.  The pink Pitt pens bled a little.  Overall, I like how this page is progressing.  It could use a little matte medium and a bit more finishing.  I cut the top of the page out because some of the text was not covered with markers. I didn’t expect to like the page so I didn’t finish it to the edges.  

I even got a compliment from my hubby on the page, which made me feel all giddy. He’s always supportive of my wacky endeavors but my abstract creations are not a style he enjoys. 

What I like most about this page is that it confirmed I can go back to these old visual journals and punch them up with my own drawings.  I also love this gal and her happy pensiveness.