I am on week 3 of Jane Davenport’s class, Supplies Me. The image on the left was playing around with my watercolor pencils and glittery watercolor pallette. Thelma, that this gal’s name, looked like she had an unfortunate incident with a tanning bed. I set her aside for a couple of days. When it came time to work on colored pencil blending, I decided to go back through my class journal pages and work on some of my previous faces, which had been drawn with colored pencils. I worked on three faves, but Thelma turned out better than I could have hoped.

This page was not gessoed. I have Prismacolor pencils. I tried using complementary colors on her face and neck to try to get a better skin tone and to negate some of that orangey-ness. I used both the white and creme pencils to blend Thelma’s face. I was so focused on her face, I neglected her hair, which I need to go back to add a few lines and color to make it look like she has hair at the back of her head.

Before this exercise, I didn’t know pencils could be blended and how well it works. I am learning a lot in this class. I am very happy to be drawing so much and to feel compelled to do so. Jane has a terrific system for teaching drawing figures. She teaches in easy to learn chunks and builds on those chunks. I know that when I get through this class, I will be able to draw human figures. Yay!