I am loving my current Jane Davenport class, Supplies Me. Week 2 was exploring colored pencils, some face drawing, which I am feeling much more comfortable with. We also dipped our toes into more of the figure  drawing with backs and bottoms. Our final homework assignment is to create a mixed media art journal page showing what we’ve learned from the week.

Sunday morning, I had an idea for a painting, called Planetside. The idea was serendipitous, because later that afternoon, I got to the last homework assignment. I liked Jane’s inspiration video, but wanted to create my own page, so I decided to give my idea a try. I have worked on each layer, stopped to photo and assess. Tonight, I added just a few touches and took my photo and was a little surprised. I like the page where it is.

So far, the piece uses colored pencils, Lumiere paints, Mr. Huey spray in Ocean, some Andirondak Pearl dabber, a silver Sharpie, and some green mulberry paper with gold threads.