My enjoyment of e-classes continues with Jane Davenport’s self-directed workshop, Supplies Me. I really wanted to take the Mermaid Circus workshop with Jane and Teesha Moore, but I have to confess that I gave in to my Inner Critic, feeling my drawing skills were not up to snuff.

Baby steps, my friends.

Today’s post is from Lesson 1: Gesso! I had no idea how awesome gesso was until I bought a small jar Golden brand and tried it out for Draw Happy Frolicaholic. I have nearly used that little jar and had to go to Blick’s for a bigger bottle of Liquitex. Jane loves it and it does not hurt to try different brands to find the one I like. I also bought black gesso and clear medium to play with.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Today’s photo is of Page 1, where I used my Golden white gesso to paste down some random torn bits of my paper stash.  A trick I learned from Jane’s Whimsical Faces video it to stop every so often while working and take a photo of the page. The photos were taken with my phone camera and assembled into a collage using Picsart. This is the page uploaded to the homework page of the class, so I can get feedback from Jane.

After the gesso and torn paper layer, I used a piece of bubble wrap cut in a rough heart shape and stamped on the page using Andirondack Pesto dye ink. I also used Raisin and Caramel in the same line with some of my favorite stamps -the sunflowers are Hero Arts, I believe, plus the feather collage stamp of a forgotten maker. I recently got my Jane Girl stencils and used the profile, stippled on with Raisin. There are spritzes of Mr. Huey’s in Ocean, which never seems to dry on gesso. I also used Distressed Stain in Black Soot and Barn Door, along the edge of the pages and trios of dots, respectively.  I used my small collection of copic markers, various gel pens, and india ink in and aquash brush (another Jane tip that I love) for my text.

I felt the center of the page needed something, so I used one of my prismapencils to trace the forward facing Jane girl, then colored her in with pencils and markers.

I noted the blobbiest part of the word “heal” is still a bit damp and it has been a week since I wrote that. Good to know. Also, my gel pens re-actiavted and blended with the copic marker, even though I made sure I left a couple days for the gel pen to dry. So either the gel pen takes longer to dry on gessoed paper or the copic marker always activates the ink in the gel pen. I’ll have to experiment more to find out.

Overall, I am pretty happy wit this page. I learned stuff and tried stuff. I am glad that I need to take time to let each layer on the page to dry. This took me 4 evenings of work. This type of art journal is still new to me but I do seem to have a complex, fill the space kind of style.