Today is the last class of Vivienne McMaster’s Beloved Beginnings e-class. The prompt was Step Into The Frame. I took today ‘s photos with my Canon Powershot S50 and the 10 second timer. I am getting quite good at setting the timer shot up, so it is oossble you will see more self-portraits.

When I signed up, I was skeptical, but hopeful, that a 10 class could change my perception of myself. I am pleasantly surprised to say that I feel a bit more at home with virtual representations of myself. That is not to say that Miss Inner Critic has stopped the inane chatter about my weight, what I chose to wear for the day, etc. I do find that I treat myself with a bit more kindness.

Holy Earth Mother, Batman! Deep down, I am such a hippie.

Please don’t tell my mom. 🙂