Today’s prompt was gratitude. It was not too difficult for me to figure out what this picture would be about: my hands. Recovery from bilateral carpal tunnel surgery last month has progressed quickly. Although it is largely due to my surgeon’s skill and the way the surgery is done these days, my contribution to the process is art as therapy. I have had to be patient with the healing process, waiting for improvements to my hands capabilities, waiting for journal pages to dry, and accepting whatever comes out of my pencils, pencils, inks.

I only needed 2 photos to get the shot I wanted, which has to be a record. This was the first shot, which I like, but I wanted to capture more. The shot I posted to the group is zoomed out, well, actually, I moved my arm further away, to show more of my desk and the journals I am working with. This particilar journal is from my Draw Happy/Whimsical Faces classes.

As much as I loved all my crafts, I get something different from my visual creations. I do not yet know precisely what that is, but I get a lot of enjoyment from it. I am grateful that I chose this path, although I have no idea where it will lead. In addition to the Beloved Beginnings class, I am taking Jane Davenport’s Supplies Me class. I plan to expand my mixed media exploration in 2014 by joining the year-long Life Book e-class. You can expect to see more art journal pages in the future.

Today’s prompt photos were taken with my phone camera, with text added in aviary.