Today’s assignment was using humor to overcome shooting frustrations. Nice timing, since I had more trouble with the Motion assignment than I expected.

I took my silliness photos with my phone camera at University Park in the same shooting outing as the Motion assignment. There is a statue in the playground and I have been working on a series called Fun With Statues.

I had a tough time choosing which photo to post to the group but decided to post the less juvenile photo to the group. 

When I reviewed my group photo, I want to go back and re-take it so you see more of the statue’s face. It’s a little hard to see what’s going on here. I edited it with an aviary filter but did not crop I also edited the photo on my phone, which has a tiny screen.


My favorite photo is the more juvenile one. 


I used this one as shot, since I was pretty happy with framing, at least on my teeny screen.