Yesterday’s Beloved Beginnings prompt was Light.  My favorite subject in theater and my own photography.  I appreciate a good lighting designer in film, and use of light is one of the main reasons I love film noir so much.

At any rate, I didn’t shoot any photos yesterday, shooting instead today on my walk down the hill from our house to the bank and back again. I took a number of photos with the goal of getting light through the trees.  Most of the trees in my neighborhood still have leaves and I like the look of dappled light.

I took a number of shots, with both my phones front and back camera.  Today, I am posting 3 photos from the day. The first is the one I posted to the group, chosen mainly because I like the idea of my shadow being part of the tree’s shadow.


The second photo is also a favorite. It is the featured image of this post since my main purpose in posting the class photos is to post the alternates in my blog.


In the third photo, I was trying to get the light half on and half off my face. And then I had to go a little kooky with filters and such.


All three photos were editing pixlr-o-matic and aviary. All of my class posted photos can be found in my flickr Beloved Beginnings set

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