As part of my post-surgery healing process, I’m taking an on-line course from Vivienne McMaster called Beloved Beginnings. It is a 10 day intro course on taking self portraits. I have never really liked having my photo taken, feeling that these images never looked like me. I thought this was a good time to alter my view of myself, in the comfort of a group of like-minded folks. We are free to share with the group, both our photos and feedback to each other. Atthe time of this post, we are on Day 2, yet I already feel a warm connection to these folks.

As always, I take more photos than then 1 I am posting to the group. I decided to post one alternative photo here, since I am enjoying this class so mcuh.

Our first prompt was to take a sel-portrait with a hand over our heart. I felt odd doing this, but this feeling was dispelled by the nice comments from folks, who see me with fresh eyes, since none of us have met in person. This process has the effect of bringing me closer to a bunch of strangers as it brings me closer to me.


This photo was editing with pixlr-o-matic and aviary.