In 2008, I decided to try my hand at photo collage using the GIMP, given that I have, well, a hard drive full of digital images.  To be honest, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the GIMP.  It takes a lot of work to try out tools and figure out how it works and I don’t always have a ton of patience.  Which might explain why I took to the phone photo apps so quickly.  Pick a filter or effect and, boom! Instant gratification.

For this image, I worked in layers. The grid background image is a wall in one of the buildings at the Portland Chinese Garden. The lotus blooms were from the pond at that garden.  We spent the afternoon there with friends and I have a lot of photos from this outing.  The buddha is one of our household buddhas, shot against a white wall, solely for the purpose of layering into this collage.

Buddha Collage 2008

I was never completely happy with this image. I don’t like the vertical line from one of the layers that jarringly breaks the images in thirds.  I do like the idea of it and I like seeing the garden beyond the wall – I think it adds nice depth to the piece. I can see re-working this collage now that I have more tools and experience with GIMP.

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