Even though I have 31 years of photographs, I have yet to tackle the mildly terrifying project of scanning my old 35 mm film negatives.  With my  study of photography, I wanted to show where I’ve been and how much I’ve improved; however, I don’t have a digital version of my oldest 35 mm film photographs. Today’s post is among the oldest photos in my digital library.

This photo is part of a day’s outing with my friend John.  We took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, wandered around the shops on the main drag, and took a bunch of photos. Reviewing the photos of this trip, most of them are pretty boring ferry shots to and from Bainbridge, some wacky shots at  a park and quite a few water shots.  I have a penchant for shooting nature as abstract art.  You’ll see plenty of that genre in the future, I assure you.

With digital cameras, you get a plethora of details recorded for each photo.  None of these details are available to me for my old film photos.  I never was much for technical details, so this is all guess work.  Back then, I favored Fuji color film. I probably took this photo with my Pentax P30, although it may have been my trusty old Sears slr.  I probably used the standard lens from my Sears camera, but I could have used the Pentax telephoto lens zoomed out.   Rather than bother with pesky details like f-stops and aperture, I nearly always shot in auto mode and relied on the camera’s meter to guide me.

The only editing I did to this photo was to crop it a bit.  I wanted to keep the backpack in for scale, but I’m not very happy with the legs at the top of the photo. I didn’t like the look of the look of the photo with the legs cropped out, putting the backpack at the top of the frame.  However, I didn’t want to spend time painting the legs out just for this post.   So, we’ll all just have to live with the disembodied feet.

Bainbridge Pumpkin
Bainbridge Pumpkin

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