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Clearly, I’m not html-savvy enough to figure out how to claim my blog on bloglovin without making a post.  So, here is a photo from one of our trips to Hollyhock, an awesome hippie workshop retreat on Cortez Island, BC.  We’ve been there 3 times and I have a very large virtual bucket of Hollyhock photos.  They have a stunning garden.


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Sad Paper Plate

As an avid photographer, I keep an eye out for happy accidents.  This is one of them.  We had a paper plate on the counter next to the coffee pot.  One day, I lifted my cup to find this pattern spattered on the plate.  This is the complete image, only scaled to a reasonable size for a webpage. No tricks.  Just coffee.

sad paper plate_1663

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Early Photo Collage

In 2008, I decided to try my hand at photo collage using the GIMP, given that I have, well, a hard drive full of digital images.  To be honest, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the GIMP.  It takes a lot of work to try out tools and figure out how it works and I don’t always have a ton of patience.  Which might explain why I took to the phone photo apps so quickly.  Pick a filter or effect and, boom! Instant gratification.

For this image, I worked in layers. The grid background image is a wall in one of the buildings at the Portland Chinese Garden. The lotus blooms were from the pond at that garden.  We spent the afternoon there with friends and I have a lot of photos from this outing.  The buddha is one of our household buddhas, shot against a white wall, solely for the purpose of layering into this collage.

Buddha Collage 2008

I was never completely happy with this image. I don’t like the vertical line from one of the layers that jarringly breaks the images in thirds.  I do like the idea of it and I like seeing the garden beyond the wall – I think it adds nice depth to the piece. I can see re-working this collage now that I have more tools and experience with GIMP.

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She’s found phone apps

I found the Somerset Studio line of publications around 2000, when I  was heavily into rubber stamp art.  I’v picked up and enjoyed nearly every one of their publications.

Last month, they had a back issue sale recently, so I picked up several, including a 2012 issue of Digital Studio.

I was enchanted by the entire issue, but one article, in particular, caught my interest about an artist who works with various apps available for iPhone. Not all of the apps featured in the article are available for Android.  I searched the Play Store, tried several apps and settled into a few I really like, which are listed on my Photography page.

I’m still finding my way in the digital collage and altered photos world, but here is one that is a good example of my developing style.  The photo was taken with my Android phone.  The image was shuttled over to my private Picassa drop box so I could edit it on my tablet with Pixlr-o-matic. I used the Sanna, Pinecone and Sand filters.  Next, I edited it in Aviary with the splatter frame and text.  These have been my favorite filters and effects.

copyright tenukihandcrafts 2013
copyright tenukihandcrafts 2013

This is also the first of many photos you’ll be seeing of my bjds. This is my Elfdoll Standard Soah, Ginger. Standard Elfdoll faceup, Monique wig, outfit by me.

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Bainbridge Field Trip, Fall 2002

Even though I have 31 years of photographs, I have yet to tackle the mildly terrifying project of scanning my old 35 mm film negatives.  With my  study of photography, I wanted to show where I’ve been and how much I’ve improved; however, I don’t have a digital version of my oldest 35 mm film photographs. Today’s post is among the oldest photos in my digital library.

This photo is part of a day’s outing with my friend John.  We took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island, wandered around the shops on the main drag, and took a bunch of photos. Reviewing the photos of this trip, most of them are pretty boring ferry shots to and from Bainbridge, some wacky shots at  a park and quite a few water shots.  I have a penchant for shooting nature as abstract art.  You’ll see plenty of that genre in the future, I assure you.

With digital cameras, you get a plethora of details recorded for each photo.  None of these details are available to me for my old film photos.  I never was much for technical details, so this is all guess work.  Back then, I favored Fuji color film. I probably took this photo with my Pentax P30, although it may have been my trusty old Sears slr.  I probably used the standard lens from my Sears camera, but I could have used the Pentax telephoto lens zoomed out.   Rather than bother with pesky details like f-stops and aperture, I nearly always shot in auto mode and relied on the camera’s meter to guide me.

The only editing I did to this photo was to crop it a bit.  I wanted to keep the backpack in for scale, but I’m not very happy with the legs at the top of the photo. I didn’t like the look of the look of the photo with the legs cropped out, putting the backpack at the top of the frame.  However, I didn’t want to spend time painting the legs out just for this post.   So, we’ll all just have to live with the disembodied feet.

Bainbridge Pumpkin
Bainbridge Pumpkin